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History of CalSo

The Cal Student Orientation (CalSO) program welcomed and transitioned thousands of incoming students to Cal for over four decades. In 2017, CalSO was transformed into an entirely new experience. However, here we still honor the past and keep connected all of those who helped make CalSO the special and vibrant program that served UC Berkeley well for so long.

Key to the program’s success has been the dedicated, talented and hard-working team of students who helped run the program, serving as CalSO Counselors, CalSO Coordinators, Clerks, Roadies, Office Assistants, and more. In addition, CalSO always attracted a tremendous group of professional staff members who contributed enormous time and energy to the program.

These pages are dedicated to all the CalSO/Cal Prep staff alumni who have ever had any part in these programs. From endless hours of training and packet stuffing, to helping someone out for the first time, to answering the same question over and over as if it were the first time; from lifelong friendships started at retreat to CalSO stints that ended in a wedding, there was nothing quite like being a part of CalSO.