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Calso 2011 Staff


Welcome to the CalSO 2011 Staff page of the Timewarp website. Below you will find pictures and a staff list.


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Staff List

CalSO Coordinators

Chris Lin, Parent/Guest, Glendie Domingo, Transfer/FPF, Mary Breffle, Freshman, Nick Johnson, Administration

The Administrative Staff

Cristóbal Olivares, Program Director, Darryl Willie, Program Director, Jenne Mowry, Senior Communications Manager, Kathy Kwong, NSS Administrative Assistant, Marissa Toffoli, Editor, Roseanne Fong, New Student Services Director

Student Support Staff

Danny Nguyen, Roadie, Hannah Brandy, OHP Coordinator, Jacob Hangelberg, Roadie, Janelly Martinez, Rsearvations Clerk, Jessica Hom, Roadie, Kevin Tian, Publication Assistant, Liz Solorio, Rsearvations Clerk, Ryan Tucker, Senior Reservations Clerk, Sophie Harrison-Wong, Publication Assistant, Tasha Pollard, Reservations Clerk

2011/12 CalSO Counselor Staff

Alex Wald, Andrew Spivak, Angelica Tripp, Angie Barajas, Audrey Han, Bret Hendry, Browly Do, Cameron Holmes, Crystal Tung, Daniel Osorio, Derek Fitzgerald, Ellie Armstrong, Eric Carnaje, Erica Lawrence, Erika Carrasco, Galvin Mathis, Jasneet Hora, Julia Roma, Justin Hagler, Justin Sayarath, Karimah Lawrence, Kimia Etemadi, Leslie Elias, Lian Boos, Manuel Silva, Nick Piccinini, Oscar Roque, Priscilla Chang, Rea Kolbl, Richard Kline, Sarah Reed, Shenel Harris, Stephen Appert, Steven Mills, Symone McDaniels, Tina Nguyen