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CalSO 2016 Staff


Welcome to the CalSO 2016 Staff page of the Timewarp website. Below you will find pictures and a staff list.


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Staff List

CalSO Coordinators

Ulises Garcia, Zackary Harris, Alyssa Fuji

The Administrative Staff

Chrissy Roth-Francis, ProStaff: Director, Emily Krechel, ProStaff: Associate Director, Nathan Ziadie, ProStaff: Assistant Director, Micki Estuesta, ProStaff, Program Coordinator, Chani Fordyce, CalSO Graduate Intern, Maxwell Mattern, CalSO Graduate Intern

Student Support Staff

Tanisha, Muquit, Clerk, Yongbin Chang, Clerk, Isabel Marchand, Clerk, Devynn Danipour, Clerk, Michaela Sanchez, Clerk, Dana Alpert, Roadie, Dapree Doyle, Roadie, Roxi Shiu, Roadie

2016 CalSO Leader Staff

Ash Razavian, Callen Lappin, Charmaine Chong, Chloe Hallinan, Chris Cox, Claire Dubin, Daisy Cervantes, David Wang, Dylan Stover, Erica Yoon, Erin Murphy, Evelyn Huynh, Gilberto Carrasco Urroz, Giselle Serafin, Halle Redfearn, Isabelle Tan, Jackson Ellis, Jacqui Esquivel, Jackie Serrano, Janel Weatherly, Janelle Nguyen, Jenisha Sabaratnam, Jerome Andres, John Leyden, Keita Yada, Krishna Reddy, Leilanie Martinez, Lucinda Laurence, Manucher Buicki, Maggie Li, Patty Choi, Shawna Hulsey, Shruthi Thatikunta, Sinporion Phuong, Sofia Gonzalez Platas, Susie Miller, Tiffany Liu, Tyler Waterman, Virginia Suarez