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CalSO 2008 Staff


Welcome to the CalSO 2008 Staff page of the Timewarp website. Below you will find pictures, a staff list, and an image of the program agenda. If you have any pictures to add or corrections to submit, email us at


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Staff List

CalSO Coordinators

Albert Chang, Administration, Alex Stone, Freshman, David Kelly Agngarayngay, Parent, Devin McCutchen, Transfer/FPF

The Administrative Staff

Cristóbal Olivares, Program Director, Devin Kinyon, Program Director, Fredye Harms, Editor, Jenne Mowry, Senior Communications Manager, Kathy Kwong, Administrative Assistant, Nora Sandoval, Summer Bridge Program Director, Roseanne Fong, New Student Services Director, Tina Jung, Assistant Program Director

Student Support Staff

Alex Ruiz, Summer Bridge Program Assistant, Casey Madden, Reservations Clerk, Javier Infante, Summer Bridge Coordinator, Jenn Jehnsen, Reservations Clerk, Johnson Co, Reservations Clerk, Josh Hattersley, Senior Publications Assistant, Lydia Wilson, Roadie, Marianne Siu, Head Reservations Clerk, Melissa Ramirez-Medina, Summer Bridge Program Assistant, Nathan Lau, Roadie, Noah Grant, Roadie, Tristan Mosley, Reservations Clerk

2008/9 CalSO Counselor Staff

Adrián Arrieta, Ali Irani, Alyssa Reyes, Ann Long, Arianna Benedetti, Beth Dukes, Carina Galicia, Catherine Aguilar, Charmaine Chui, Donald Ye, Hai Nguyen, Herman Yuen, Huda Adem, Jerry Barnes, Jessica Wan, Joanna Pak, Kellen Freeman, Kevin Ting, Kira Weinberg, Kyle Martens, Lauren Rosebrugh, Maggie Landeros, Mai Thy Nguyen, Marcus Caimi, Misty Ahmadi, Myra Martinez, Nikki Cruz, Nitzya Cuevas-Macías, Pablo Gutiérrez, Paloma Chávez, Rena Lee, Ryan Tucker, Sana Naeem, Saydi Ceja, Shani Jenson, Sharon Cobb, Shokoofeh Rajabzadeh, Tiffany Chen, Tony Suen, Trisha Mittal, Veronica Chin, Will Bronitsky, Yuan Guo