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CalSO 2002 Staff


Welcome to the CalSO 2002 Staff page of the Timewarp website. Below you will find pictures, a staff list, and an image of the program agenda. If you have any pictures to add or corrections to submit, email us at


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Staff List

Administrative Staff

Frith O’Steen, Program Director, Jenne Mowry, Publications Director, Livier Bejínez, Summer Bridge Director, Patrick Johnston, Program Director, Roseanne Fong, Associate Director


Adrien Green, Transfer Program, Leah Thompson, Administration, Ren Sanchez, Parent Program, Stephanie Lipman, Freshman Program

Summer Support Staff

Beth Nelson, Reservations Clerk, Jeff Teng, Publications Assistant, Max McGrath, Reservations Clerk, Nguyen Nguyen, Roadie, Sam Lam, Roadie, Sheila Sanchez, Summer Bridge Assistant, Steven Fong, Roadie, Steven Williams, Publications Assistant, Xanthe Swift, Senior Clerk


Alejandro Hurtado, Anita Bhat, Aqueila Lewis, Audrey Lee, Christopher Pon, Christopher Wold, Connor Angwin, David Wagner, Derek Ang, Destry Saul, Diana Hsu, Donna Vivar, Elva Monreal, Garett Ng, Heather Suminski, Irene Cadiz, Jacquelynn Robinson, Jennifer Tseng, Jesse Porter, Jinsue Choi, Jonathan Lau, Kimberly Hope, Leslie-Anne Huff, Melinda Hue, Miguel Navarro, Misha Leybovich, Nanako Tamaru, Nhan Luu, Noam Katz, Sarah Kurien, Shannan Hawes, Shannon Smith, Sheirin Iravantchi, Stephanie Grodin, Tammy Elwell, Tony Azevedo, Ty Lim, Vanessa Cardona, Yuh-Mei Liao, Zachary White, Zully Chan


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CalSO 2002 Staff - Agenda