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CalSO 1998 Staff


Welcome to the CalSO 1998 Staff page of the Timewarp website. Below you will find pictures, a staff list, and an image of the program agenda. If you have any pictures to add or corrections to submit, email us at


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Staff List

Administrative Staff

Jenne Mowry, Publications, Jennifer Macias, Office Manager, Marty Takimoto, Director, Roseanne Fong, Assistant Director, Tony Christopher, Summer Bridge, Operations


Aisha Knowles, Freshman Program, David Ching, Parent Program, Eric Wada, Transfer Program, Matt Spencer, Administration

Summer Support Staff

Carrie Ward, Reservations Supervisor, Jenny Fung, Reservations Clerk, Jesse Johnson, Reservations Clerk, Ken Tateno, Roadie, Kim Bui, Roadie, Kim Green, Reservations Clerk, Kimberly Smith, Reservations Clerk, Lisa Wu, Roadie, Mary Anne Tuazon, Summer Bridge Clerk, Rory Tisher, Reservations Clerk  


Alison Levy, Alton Lee, Andy Schwiebert, Andy Yang, Ariana Waynes, Betina Hsieh, Catharine Malmsten, Christy Mignacca, DanTram Nguyen, Devin Kinyon, Dina Afkhampour, Eloisa Rivera, Emily Nakagawa, Erin Kelley, Eugene Kaneko, Gina Reggiardo, Irami Osei-Frimpong, Jeff Sketeris, Jen Shen, John Winkler, Kaori Yamamoto, Katie Miller, Kento Sugiura, Kristy Marshall, Laura Gómez, Lisbeth Woodington, Marc Wolf, Mark Lewis, Nedra Rauschenberg, Oscar Ramírez, Patrick Campbell, Paul Rabedeaux, Rachelle Reyes, Regina Ramos, Reneé Bulow, Roger Yu, Stacia Donovan, Stephanie Huang, Vanessa Peña


Click the image to view a larger version’