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CalSO 1991 Staff


Welcome to the CalSO 1991 Staff page of the Timewarp website. Below you will find pictures, a staff list, and an image of the program agenda. If you have any pictures to add or corrections to submit, email us at


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Staff List

Administrative Staff

Michele Frasier, Assistant Director, Stacy Holguin, Administrative Assistant, Jenne Mowry, Designer/Editor, Martin Takimoto, Director


Ángel Max Guerrero, Parent Program, Dave McCawley. Administration, Elizabeth Centeno, Special Programs, Wesley Montgomery, Frosh Program

Office Staff

Katie Hong


Alana Grice, Arlo Paranhos, Axel Shalson, Bryn Sakagawa, Camille Ramani, Carrie Guthrie, Cathy Chen, Charan Ranganath, Christopher Miner, Christine Muzquiz, Danyele Walton, David Lerner, Ed Wang, Felba D’Cunha, Glenn La Rock, Jwala Karnik, Kim Swensrud, Linda Lai, Lorna Sample, Nanacy Heinesen, Patrick Johnston, Patrick Wojdowski, Raymond Ko, Sharon Labao, Sheila Bradley, Sonia Harris, Sophia Ruiz, Tanicia Bell, Tuanh Do, Victor Polanco


Click the image to view a larger version