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CalSO 1983 Staff


Welcome to the CalSO 1983 Staff page of the Timewarp website. Below you will find pictures, a staff list, and an image of the program agenda. If you have any pictures to add or corrections to submit, email us at


None available (Please submit if you have any.)

Staff List

Administrative Staff

Leonard Valdez, Director


Jesús Arciniega, Jr.,EOP/AA Coordinator, Kim Elias, Parent Coordinator, Michelle November,Transfer Coordinator, Paul Lamoureauz,Freshmen Program Coordinator


Andrea Vourvoulias, Ann Itakura, Bonnie Albin, Carol Alberti, Carol BrownsteinCatherine Park, Cecilia Crowley, Chip Engemoen, Erin Clarke, Franny Lizerbram, Jess Shattkin, John Sinclair, Juan Gomez, Julie Harrelson, Judy Tokuyoshi, Kathy Kawakami, Keith Jones, Maria Caudill, Maria Guirós, Mariah Bautista, Mark Cooper, Melvin Williams, Michael Bigelow, Michael Eisner, Michael Tonn, Pamela Lim, Rachel Tatad, Roger Low, Sharon Eshel, Silvia Varela, Steve Montoya, Sherri Ball, , ,  


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