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Much of orientation’s success is related directly to the outstanding quality of its paraprofessional student staff. According to a survey of 2017 GBO participants:

  • 95% thought their leaders introduced them to campus resources and opportunities
  • 92% considered their leaders as resources on campus
  • 91% students thought their leaders helped connect them to other students

You can be involved with Golden Bear Orientation in one of four ways:

Golden Bear Orientation Student Coordinators

GBO Student Coordinators work under the supervision and direction of the New Student Services professional staff team. The GBO Student Coordinator team will work collaboratively, helping to ensure all programmatic goals are met. The Student Coordinator team serves as role models to Orientation Mentors, Orientation Leaders, and all the new students. Coordinators serve as the direct supervisors of the Orientation Mentors, meeting regularly with them. Student Coordinators work throughout the academic year and summer to help with all aspects of Golden Bear Orientation, ranging from staff recruitment and selection and program planning, development, and execution. Recruitment and hiring of GBO Student Coordinators occurs in August. Successful candidates must have been an Orientation Mentor.

Golden Bear Orientation Mentors

The Orientation Mentor is a mid-level leadership position, mentoring a group of Orientation Leaders as well as training them in leadership development. Orientation Mentors also act as liaisons between the Orientation Leaders and the Student Coordinators. Orientation Mentors serve as the behind the scenes programming crew throughout GBO to ensure a positive orientation program that remains committed to the goals and learning outcomes of New Student Services. Recruitment and hiring for GBO Mentors occurs during the early fall semester. OMs are expected to take a two-unit course in the spring as part of their mandatory training. Successful candidates must have been Golden Bear Orientation Leaders.

Golden Bear Orientation Leaders

The Orientation Leader position is a volunteer position that is part of a diverse team of UC Berkeley students that works collaboratively to welcome, orient, and educate over 8,500 new students to campus. Orientation Leaders help guide students through a multi-day orientation program to help prepare them for success at UC Berkeley. Successful Orientation Leaders will have a genuine desire to represent UC Berkeley and to grow as student leaders. They also will possess a passion for serving others and a positive attitude, and a desire to serve as a positive role model. Orientation Leaders guide a small group of students through their GBO experience, helping them explore academic life, involvement, the diverse community, and everything that UC Berkeley has to offer. This volunteer position provides a rewarding opportunity for personal and professional growth. Recruitment happens in January and February, and spring training happens in March and April. Learn how to apply to be a GBO Leader.

Office Representatives

Office Representatives work throughout the spring and summer to provide quality customer service to incoming students who contact NSS with questions and concerns. They help with general office duties including but not limited to answering phone calls, emails, making copies, preparing program materials, etc. Successful applicants must have previously worked with New Student Services. Applications are open to previous employees of New Student Services; hiring takes place in the spring semester.