Student Needs

The New Student Services staff works to accommodate students with particular needs whenever possible for Golden Bear Orientation, as outlined below. 

Note: Students with disabilities may find out details on the Disability Accommodations web page.


Inclusive Restrooms on Campus

UC Berkeley is engaged in an ongoing process to provide restroom facilities that serve the needs of all members of the campus, helping to create an overall inclusive campus environment for all members of our community. While gender-inclusive restrooms are now part of campus standards for restrooms and included in any new campus buildings, converting existing multi-stall restrooms takes additional resources and conversions will take place over time.

Use this Inclusive Restrooms on Campus map to find a list of existing gender-inclusive single stall and multi-stall restrooms at UC Berkeley. This resource also contains information about accessible restrooms, and where to find changing tables on our campus.

Students with Dietary Concerns

Meals provided during Golden Bear Orientation will automatically include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Kosher and Halaal meals can be provided by asking any Cal Dining staff member at the dining hall. If at any time you do not see food out that meets your needs, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Cal Dining staff.

Students Who Need Religious Accommodations

UC Berkeley values and respects all religions, and we want to ensure you are able to observe your religious traditions during GBO. If you require any religious accommodations for GBO, please email New Student Services staff at to make arrangements.

Meditation and prayer spaces will be open on campus during GBO as follows: 

*During fall and spring semesters, the Eshleman Hall Meditation Room is available all week long.