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Company Visits

UC Berkeley will welcome 8,500 new undergraduates this August through Golden Bear Orientation. Some of the overarching goals of this orientation are for new students to become acquainted with on and off-campus locales, to explore opportunities in the San Francisco Bay Area, to connect with alumni, and to begin to understand how to apply their personal and academic passions to their careers beyond UC Berkeley. In 2018, we had a total of 53 companies/organizations participate in the program, and we invite and encourage all Bay Area companies, nonprofit organizations, and startups to participate!

Company Visits

On Friday, August 23, 2019, New Student Services will send our new transfer students (college juniors) to companies and organizations throughout the Bay Area. The purpose of the company visit is to introduce new students to your industry, your company/organization, and the various types of roles within your company (e.g., technology, sales, HR, marketing, research, etc.). The ideal is for any UC Berkeley alumni in your company or organization who could participate in the visit to help build connections with fellow Golden Bears.

Ideas for the Visit

The aim is for each company visit to host 15–35 students and last about two hours. UC Berkeley will provide transportation for the students to your site (unless you are willing to provide it), and the visits should be timed between meals so you should not feel obligated to provide food. Here are two sample schedules you can use during the company visit:

Time Sample Activities 1 Sample Activities 2
2 p.m. Welcome, introductions, company overview Welcome, introductions, company overview
2:30 p.m. Office tour Demonstration of product/prototype
3 p.m. Panel of entry-level employees Advice for working in industry
3:30 p.m. Networking activity with alumni Networking activity with alumni
4 p.m. Wrap Up Wrap Up

2018 Assessment

In 2018, after participating in the Company Visit Program:

  • 87.6% of transfer students understood what it meant to work in their field.
  • 87.8% of transfer students thought the company visit was a valuable use of their time.
  • 96% of the companies/organizations agreed that the program was beneficial to their company, and they would participate again next year.

Benefits for Company

Through hosting a company visit, you will:

  • Give back to the Cal community by providing career learning opportunities
  • Expand the organization’s brand presence through students’ word of mouth
  • Potentially create a pipeline for interns or hires (though not a primary goal of the visit)

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Maxwell Mattern
Assistant Director, New Student Services