Golden Bear Advising

Golden Bear Advising is mandatory and covers campus academic resources and an introduction to your college and includes:

  • communication with your Academic Adviser
  • an overview of academic resources
  • graduation requirements
  • how to find and choose courses for your first semester and how to enroll
  • how to enroll using the CalCentral MyAcademics tab

You'll be invited through a task in CalCentral to complete this online portion of your Golden Bear Experience.

Important Note: You must complete Golden Bear Advising in order to connect with your Academic Adviser and to enroll in classes.

Berkeley Academics Overview

In this portion of your Golden Bear Advising module, you learn about Berkeley's college structure and more about our academic culture, expectations, and opportunities.

Academic Enrichment & Support

This portion of Golden Bear Advising covers some of our exciting programs, opportunities for enrichment, and support options. For example, you'll learn ways you can thrive in a small academic setting (Berkeley Connect), find undergraduate research opportunities (Big Ideas, undergraduate research), or take or teach student-led courses (DeCal).

Academic Advising

This portion of Golden Bear Advising provides unique content from your college or school, including the introduction to your Academic Adviser, an overview of college requirements, basic information on your major or path of study, and directions for selecting your first-semester courses.

Course Enrollment

During this portion of Golden Bear Advising, you take steps toward enrolling in your first-semester courses at UC Berkeley. You receive an overview of how the student portal, CalCentral, works, and learn how to enroll so that when your advising appointment comes, you are ready to go.